Ann Romney: “Mitt will be a pro-life president”

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DENVER — With First Lady Michelle Obama continuing a two-day Colorado campaign swing Thursday morning, the Romney campaign offered FOX31 Denver an opportunity to speak with Ann Romney via satellite from Sarasota, Fla.

In the short interview, we asked Romney about her husband’s sudden momentum, about his statement this week on abortion and a healthcare plan to roll back Obamacare and its mandate that insurers cover people like herself who have preexisting conditions.

On every question, Ann Romney responded by returning quickly to a focused, overarching message: that her husband is compassionate and someone who, as president, will more ably respond to the concerns and troubles of ordinary Americans.

Here is a transcript of the FOX31 Denver interview:

Eli Stokols: “Mrs. Romney, thank you so much for taking the time to join us this morning. So since the last time we spoke, things have changed a bit. How does it feel to suddenly have some serious momentum?”

Ann Romney: “Yeah, I sense it out there. I sensed it before that there was a lot of passion before, but especially now. What I’m hearing from people, maybe more than you would imagine, are people who voted for Obama last time, were planning on voting for him again and they said after the debate they switched their vote. And, interestingly enough, and I don’t know if this is showing up in the polls yet, and it’s so hard to know because you hear from just a few individuals; but I’ve been hearing from young people that have said that ‘it was cool to vote for Obama last time, but it’s not cool not to have a job, so we’re voting for your husband this time because we need a job’.”

Stokols: “I’ve read about an intervention of sorts, you and your oldest son, Tagg, breaking through and convincing Mitt to be more himself. Is this story right? Tell me about what happened and why you think he’s connecting better with people now.”

Romney: “Nothing really has changed. My oldest son and myself have sort of always felt like he was not being seen like we see him. And so there’s nothing really significant that happened, it’s just that we have to make sure that voters see Mitt as I see him. That’s my concern.”

Stokols: “You’ve heard the Obama campaign now saying that Mitt has changed his positions, or that there are all these different Mitts out there. On women’s issues, Mitt, as you know, was asked about abortion Tuesday in Iowa. You’re his wife, you must know better than anyone how he really feels about a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions?”

Romney: “Well, you know, Mitt is going to govern like a pro-life president, and that’s what he is. He recognizes that it’s a very, very sacred and there’s a lot of people with good conscience who come down on both sides, but I have to tell you again, four years ago, I heard more of those questions, but now what I’m hearing, more than anything — again, from these young people saying, four years ago it was cool, but now I need a job. It’s the women now saying the same thing to me. In Littleton, Colo., I was just there and had an event and a woman with an 18-month-old infant came and grabbed me and she was sobbing and she was like, ‘Help, please help’, and that’s more typical of what I’m hearing. Women are being hit particularly hard by this economy.”

Stokols: “What about healthcare? In the debate here last week, Mitt said that the government doesn’t need to force insurers to cover people with preexisting conditions. As someone who has MS, what can you say to people like you who have a preexisting condition and, unlike you, haven’t been able to find affordable healthcare because of it?”

Romney: “Mitt, I think he made it very clear in the debate, that part of his reform would include people that have preexisting conditions, so people need not fear. But, again, I think people need to understand that Mitt is a person that cares, because he’s had me out there having very difficult health issues. So people need to understand that I’ve seen this man for 43 years, I’ve been married to him that long; and every situation I have seen him in, I have seen him be compassionate, understanding, and then rolling his sleeves up and finding solutions and getting the job done. So this is somebody you can trust. This is somebody who has enormous integrity and goodness; and he will do what is best for the American people.”

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