Woman kidnapped, left for dead 40 years ago shares story of terrifying ordeal

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Near the CU campus in Boulder, November 14, 1972, two little girls were walking home.  Annabelle Kindig was celebrating her 11th birthday.

Peter Fisher of Aurora, who was 35 years old at the time, approached the girls and asked them to look at his puppies.

When they came near his vehicle, he pulled a gun and forced them inside.

 Annabelle, now Annabelle Kindig Miglia says, “He abducted us and drove us around Boulder and found a secluded area. And he assaulted us.”  She says he handcuffed them together.

 40 years later Kindig Miglia is about to publish a book, ‘Footsteps out of Darkness.’

 She tells how Fisher drove them up Sunshine Canyon, forced them to get out and then shot them both and left them for dead. 

Her friend didn’t make it.  She says, “I was shaking her to wake up and I was yelling it’s okay to wake up he’s gone.  And then I realized she wasn’t going to wake up.”

She describes pulling the handcuffs off her friend’s wrist and struggling up the cliff they had fallen down.  She flagged a car coming down the road, terrified it might be Fisher.  But it wasn’t, and she was able to get help and give investigators enough information to arrest Fisher within hours.

She says, “I was in such terror, it was almost like I was observing from out of my body.”

She says her heart breaks for 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway and her family.

The Westminster girl has been missing since the weekend.  Kindig Miglia remembers how it was at that age.  She says, “It’s sheer terror.  And it’s an adult and you’re still at that age when adults are authority and you do whatever the adult tells you.”

Kindig Miglia says back then, no one knew how to help someone who had gone through what she did, and she struggled for years. Her case inspired what is now Boulder’s “Moving to End Sex Assault” program.  At the time, it was one of the first rape crisis centers in the nation.

Fisher remains in prison, but comes up for parole on a regular basis.  Kindig Miglia says every time, she contacts the parole board to fight it.

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