Aspen GOP headquarters egged for third time

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ASPEN, Colo. — Is it a prank by mischievousness youngsters, or the act of adults whose political concern vastly outweighs their maturity level?

That’s what GOP officials in Aspen are asking after the Pitkin County Republican headquarters was found egged for third time this past weekend. 

Party Chair Frieda Wallison told the Aspen Daily News that this past weekend’s dairy deluge was the worst of the three, with egg covering all the windows and each of the four sides of the Victorian home that serves as the party’s headquarters.

“It seems to be escalating,” Wallison told the newspaper.

Wallison also told the Daily News that she has her suspicions about who may be responsible for the vandalism. Those gut feelings began when she was staffing a Republican booth at an Aspen farmer’s market over the weekend.

A group of teens reportedly came up to Wallison, asking if they could receive a Romney-Ryan t-shirt for free. When Wallison told them a $15 donation was recommended, she said the group walked away “looking dejected.”

Wanting to remedy the situation, Wallison decided the booth could spare one complimentary t-shirt. Minutes after handing the garment over, she told the Daily News that she saw one of the teens walking around the event wearing it with his own addition — a “Save Big Bird” inscription scrawled in black marker on the back.

At a University of Denver presidential debate last week, Mitt Romney said he would cut funding to PBS programs, which includes Big Bird’s show, “Sesame Street.”

Romney has made Aspen a frequent stop during his many trips to Colorado this year. He’s often used the affluent mountain community as a base for his fundraising efforts in the state.

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