Manning loses showdown against Brady 31-21

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FOXBOROUGH, MASS. – The New England Patriots defeated the Denver Broncos 31-21 Sunday at Gillette Stadium. It was Manning’s first game going up against Tom Brady since leaving the Indianapolis Colts.

Although Broncos fans were hoping to see Manning come out ahead during week five, Brady ended up winning the showdown in the 13th meeting between the two star quarterbacks.

Brady completed 23 of 31 passes for 223 yards, with one touchdown against the Broncos. Manning on the other hand, completed 31 of 44 passes for 345 yards, and threw three touchdown passes of two yards to Decker and five yards to Stokley.

Steven Ridley had an 8-yard run that ultimately put the Patriots at 31-7 against the Broncos at the end of the the third quarter.

Denver ultimately lost a fumble with 3 minutes and 42 seconds remaining in the game, putting the Broncos at 2-3 for the season’s fifth week.