Bronco fans wear jerseys with pride despite Sunday’s loss

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DENVER – There’s one thing you can count on during Sundays in the fall; bars packed full of Broncos fans cheering on their favorite team.

Such was the case in bars from Denver to Edgewater Sunday.

At the Cooler in Edgewater, fans were packed in like sardines, cheering for a Broncos upset over the favored Patriots. 

Antonio Butteres was leading the chant of “Let’s go Broncos!  Let’s go Broncos!”

“They call me the Rally Monkey,” Butteres said proudly.

Over at the Dave & Buster’s off of I-25 and Colorado Blvd., the mood was a bit calmer for three quarters. 

“The whole season with Jack Del Rio’s ‘prevent’ has just killed us,” said one fan who was wearing a bright-orange No. 18 jersey.

Finally, at Boone’s Tavern near the University of Denver campus, Bronco backer Bryant Estes was in town from Sacramento to witness Denver fumble away any hope of victory. 

“It’s going to be be tough, but you still have to wear your jersey home with pride,” Estes said.

Denver (2-3) stays on the road next week where they will play the San Diego Chargers a week from Monday night.