Protesters march near DU during the debate

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DENVER -- Just as the two Presidential candidates met in Denver for the first debate, hundreds of protesters came forward to demonstrate on behalf of both candidates and causes. 

Supporters of both President Obama and Governor Romney shared space outside Denver University while smaller groups of protesters marched around the campus looking to gain support and spread awareness.

"We're just the boots on the ground," added one pro-life supporter who spent most of Wednesday holding up signs near the D.U. sponsored Debatefest on campus.

The majority of protesters stayed clear of the intended "free speech zone" where campus officials and debate organizers had hoped to host protesters. Instead over a hundred members of Occupy Denver marched through the streets of University, Evans, and Yale chanting and waving signs.

Denver Police and members of the SWAT team remained near the group as they continued their march back to McWilliams Park. Despite the protesters taking up two lanes of traffic, there were no visible delays or problems.