Police: 73-year-old woman hits teenager at church, accused of DUI

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Police arrested a 73-year-old woman in connection with a drunk-driving crash at a church that sent a teenage CU student to the hospital.

The suspect, Brenda Geers, made her first court appearance Thursday. The crash happened Wednesday at lunch time.

The teenager was eating lunch at a table outside the church across from the CU campus. He was seriously hurt and remains in the hospital.

"According to witnesses, Geers was driving her 1998 Toyota 4Runner at 12:12 p.m. when she entered the parking lot of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church and collided with a food truck," says Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

"After hitting the food truck, Geers then hit 18-year-old Eric Anderson, a student at the University of Colorado, as he was sitting alone at a table near the church before continuing on to collide with the covered entryway of the church building. Geers was not hurt," Kobel says.

Eyewitness K.C. Slager says, "By the looks of the running over I was thinking the worst. I mean with the pole railing there the tree and he was all wrapped up under the car."

"All in all I'd say he's pretty lucky. This could have been much much worse and we're fortunate that we're only dealing with a vehicular assault and not a vehicular homicide," says Boulder Police Commander Carey Weinheimer.

Geers told police she was going to the church to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, while driving drunk.

News of what happened traveled fast among other food truck customers and the CU campus across the street from the church.

"A little bit shocked," says CU student Benjamin Zats. "I can't believe that not only would people be driving that erratically, you're talking about someone who's like my grandparents age who is going to an AA meeting under the influence and is driving for that matter."

The injured teen was awake and talking Thursday.

Geers faces charges of felony vehicular assault, DUI and DUI Per Se.  She posted bond and was released from jail.