Lucky DU students get to see presidential politics history made at Denver debate

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DU student gets to attend presidential debate. Oct. 3, 2012

DU student gets to attend presidential debate. Oct. 3, 2012

DENVER — University of Denver junior Ali Ellickson has not been too interested in politics, until now. “I received an email and it said that I won.  I got a ticket to the debate hall.”

By luck of the lottery, Ellickson, 22, was one out of 10,000 students chosen to attend the presidential debate.

Now, she’s excited. “Very excited!  Not very many people, I’m one out of a hundred that actually get to be in the debate hall.” 

Ellickson keeps pretty busy pursuing her mechanical engineering degree, with spare time playing hockey and maybe some camping.  That’s when she has some spare time.

But she has had enough time to mull over some issues she hopes will be addressed by the candidates.  “The economy is one of the big issues for a lot of Americans and I think America needs something else.”

The 2012 Denver presidential debate will soon forever be a part of DU’s history, and Ali Ellickson is looking forward to being a part of it.

“It’s one university out of many all over the country and we’re so lucky to have it at the University of Denver.”

Ellickson already knows who she wants to win the White House, and that would be…off the record.