New Zealand crash leaves man dead, wife in critical condition during honeymoon

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Denver man killed in crash in New Zealand

Denver man killed in crash in New Zealand

DENVER, Colo. – A man from Denver has died, and his wife remains in critical condition after their car collided with a cement truck during the couple’s honeymoon in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald reported that 31-year-old Kenneth Stithem and his wife Kristen Steinke, 28, were turning onto a main highway from Waitomo Caves Road when a cement truck hit the driver’s side of their car. The accident happened just six days after they were married.

The crash took place on State Highway 3 on Thursday in New Zealand, which was Wednesday afternoon U.S. time, according to officials.

Irene Sisneros, a friend of the couple wrote in a Facebook post, “There was nothing but complete and absolute love and adoration,” between the two, according to the paper.

Steinke’s colleague Karina Colvin told the newspaper, “Our hearts are crushed here. I just can’t believe how tragic this whole situation is.”

Police said Stithem died at the scene of the crash. Steinke, a communications manager at the University of Colorado, was taken to Waikato Hospital where she remains in critical condition, according to the paper.