Facebook threat prompts Boulder High to increase security

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BOULDER, Colo. -- We didn't find any police at Boulder High School Sunday, but the school's principal said Monday will be a different story.

FOX 31 Denver obtained a letter sent home by school principal Kevin Braney, in which he tells parents he received a tip Friday about a Facebook posting threatening the safety of the school's students and staff during the upcoming week.

Braney said he will have more police on-site Monday.

“I'm pretty surprised that someone made a threat actually, I didn't think people did that to schools in Boulder,” one student said. “It's pretty scary and it's kind of terrifying that someone is making a threat to a school.”

Boulder police will not comment on whether the threat was directed at students or teachers. They would only say they are investigating, and that parents of students at the high school should not be alarmed because they have the situation under control.

They also advise students to expect the following changes Monday:

  • Anticipate additional police officers in the building and or vicinity of the school.
  • Expect that all adults in the building have a visible ID and/or name badge at all times. If you see someone without one, inform an adult immediately. 
  • Teachers and administrators will be visible in the courtyard, cafeteria, and hallways during passing periods and lunch. 
  • Counselors and interventionists are available at anytime for support.  
  • If you keep your child at home, you will still need to call in and excuse them for the day.
  • Our best form of security comes from everyone (students, staff, and parents) communicating anything that seems out of the ordinary.  Report anything unusual to a campus monitor and/or administrator immediately. 

If you have any information about the situation, contact the Boulder Police Department at (303) 441-3333, the Colorado Safe2Tell line at 1-(877)-542-7233, or Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-(800)-222-8477.