Police look into allegation of misconduct by staff member at Kunsmiller school

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It is a relatively new arts school, usually known for bringing home awards.  Now, students at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy are bringing something else home:  a letter detailing an “allegation of misconduct” against a staff member.

The letter goes on to say that “We have placed the individual on administrative leave, which is routine, until the matter is resolved.”  

Parent Amy Carlson Phelps was surprised to hear the allegations, but hopes the focus remains on the school.  “K.C.A.A. is an amazing place, where children thrive every day,” she says.

A Denver Police spokesperson tells Fox-31 Denver that there is an “open investigation” and allegation into “a possible child abuse.”  Denver Public Schools directed any media questions to D.P.D.

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy is located near Harvey Park in southwest Denver.