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Be alert about mistakes when switching birth control methods

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With so many new options for family planning, many women are tempted to try new methods of birth control, but doctors warn that it's easy to make some common mistakes when switching to a new family planning method.

Dr. Arthur Waldbaum of Downtown Women's Health Care says the most important thing to remember when choosing a new form of contraception is to have a back up method to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

While birth control pills remain the most popular choice for women, new options are gaining in popularity.

Dr. Waldbaum says, "For women who have trouble remembering the birth control pill each day there's the vaginal ring that (women) just have to change once a month."

The contraceptive patch is still being studied due to safety concerns, but the I.U.D. is making a comeback after being redesigned for safer use.

Dr. Waldbaum says women considering going off of their birth control in order to become pregnant should follow their doctor's advice on timing, "When they get off birth control they may not start their cycles immediately, so it's important to get advice on when to stop the birth control pills."

Researchers say the U.S. has more unwanted pregnancies than any other developed country in the world, with half of pregnancies reported as unintended. Doctors urge women to not "roll the dice" when it comes to their family planning.