Son accused of beating parents with wrench, mother in critical condition

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An Englewood woman was in critical condition Monday night after police say she was brutally attacked by her own son.

Investigators say 27-year-old Codell Loats was in an argument with his parents when he grabbed an 18-inch wrench and started beating both of them.

The alleged attack happened at the parents' home at 4744 S. Acoma St. Friday night. Witnesses say Loats' father came running out of the house, bleeding, saying he and his wife had been attacked.

Family members say Loats had a history of drug problems and had basically become transient.

A police affidavit says Loats grabbed a huge wrench and beat 59-year-old Mark Loats and his wife, 56-year-old Kim Loats, after the couple told their son he needed direction.

"The scene was very gruesome, her face was slashed from the top of her head probably down to about her chin," a neighbor told FOX31's Dave Young.

The neighbor says the father came running out screaming the son may have killed his own mother. Loats told his father he would sooner commit suicide than go to jail and stole is parents' car.

Police arrested him Sunday in Morrison.

"Pretty much shock," says the suspect's cousin, Jesse Lechuga. "It's pretty crazy, the family has been pretty much up and down. There's been a lot of drug use. Just hearing the news is crazy."

Loats made a court appearance Monday where prosecutors asked for a bond of $1 million on attempted murder and assault charges. They told the judge Loats' mother may not survive.

Loats has a minor criminal record, but no previous record of violence.

He'll be back in court Thursday morning for formal advisement of charges.