‘Party bus’ owner talks about party left stranded on road when bus breaks down

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They advertise it as an ultimate party on wheels and it's what 13 women thought they were getting when they hired "Mile High Party Bus" for a bachelorette party on Saturday, but about 30 minutes into their ride the bus broke down.

"I'm like you blew something. So we got out and he popped the hood and he was like I don't know and I was like it's your serpentine belt," said Sarah Sandoval, passenger on the bus.

The women said the driver told them he was going to try and them another bus, but it never showed up.  Instead the women say the driver kicked them off the bus, locked it up, and then got a ride with a friend leaving them on the side of the road.

"I think the least they could have done was help find some sort of transportation for us," said Amber Pringle, a passenger on the bus.

The ladies said they were never able to contact anyone at "Mile High Party Bus" that night so they had to find another limo company to take them home.

FOX 31 Denver also made multiple calls and finally on Monday the owner, Eddie Taylor called us back.

Taylor explained that "Mile High Party Bus" is just a website that he operates from anywhere in the country.  He said the company outsources all of their business to other local limo or bus companies who hire their own drivers.

"We contacted Royal Limousines of Denver gave the actual booking out to them, which they had been working with us for awhile now.  Never had any problems or issues or anything like that," said Eddie Taylor, owner of Mile High Party Bus.

Taylor said "Mile High Party Bus" is talking some of the responsibility for what happened and plans on paying for the limo service that took the women home and he's also offered them another free ride.

At the same time Taylor said "Mile High Party Bus" will try and do better in the future to make sure passengers are not left behind.

"I will guarantee that our drivers will never leave any passengers or clients stranded... I will guarantee that," Taylor said.

If you find yourself in a situation where a business isn't doing what they promised, you can take action.  The Colorado Attorney Generals Office suggests calling the Colorado Consumer Line at 1-800-222-4444.  After several complaints the AG's Office said they will start an investigation into that business.