Denver Groper fondles 7th woman; this time, a teen

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A police sketch of a serial groping suspect

A police sketch of a serial groping suspect

DENVER -- Police have confirmed that a man who has been groping women in Denver for almost four weeks is now a suspect in seven different incidents.

The newest report comes from a 13-year-old girl, who said a man matching the serial groper's description fondled her from behind and attempted to grab her Sunday.

Police said the incident took place on the 2700 block of East Wesley Avenue -- near the University of Denver campus -- at approximately noon.

A 10-year-old witnessed the incident and described the perpetrator as a Hispanic man who is about 6 feet tall, bald and between 20 and 30 years old. That is the same description of the man who is suspected of groping six other women.

As in several of the past cases, witnesses said the suspect drove away in what appeared to be a black Nissan sedan with tape intentionally covering the license plate.

This man is also accused of groping two women in the Highland neighborhood, two near Cheesman Park one near Washington Park. The first incident took place on Aug. 21.

Despite earlier reports, this suspect in these gropes does appear to be behind a different incident of lewdness that took place at the southeast corner of Washington Park Sunday night.

Police said the suspect in that case exposed himself to a woman and tried to grab her just after dark.

Here is a list of the incidents by date and location according to Denver police:

8/21 – 5th & High St.
8/21 – 4th & High St.
8/28 – Newton/Osceola St. Alley on W. 37th St.
9/4 – 31st Ave and Vallejo/Wyandot St.
9/4 – E. Kentucky Ave and S. Franklin St.
9/11 – Kentucky & S. Ogden
9/16 – 2700 E. Wesley