Video & Web Poll: Cop yanks combative 77-year-old woman from SUV

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KEENE, Texas (CNN) — A Texas grandma was pulled over for speeding, but she says the traffic stop left her bruised and battered. The police officer’s dash and chest cameras were rolling and caught the whole incident on tape.

Lynn Bedford, 77, was driving home from church when she was pulled over. Sgt. Gene Geheb repeatedly asked her for her ID but Bedford wouldn’t comply. She told Geheb she was in urgent need of a restroom due to a bladder infection. He insisted he had to see her driver’s license and registration information before the discussion could continue.

The incident escalated. It ended with the officer pulling Bedford from the car.

The Keene Police Department and the city are standing behind Geheb, saying he did nothing wrong and followed policy. Bedford’s family is saying a formal apology and anger-management training for the officer are needed to make things right.

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