Your Questions Answered: How to use 100 calorie snack packs wisely

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DENVER -- Snacks in moderation, that’s a good rule of thumb to go by whether you’re trying to lose a little weight or packing your child’s school lunch.

Health experts say those convenient little 100 calorie bags can get you into some trouble though if you don’t use them responsibly. 

Dr. Emily Hass of Denver Health Medical Center says they offer little more than an energy boost. “These hundred calorie packages sound great because they keep our calorie count down but  there’s very little nutritional content.”

Read the label. Low fat can sometimes mean a higher sugar content and low sugar can mean a higher amount of fat.

Be on the lookout for sugar and corn syrup added to so called natural fruit snacks.

Dr. Hass says, “It’s like feeding your kids teaspoons of sugar.” Health experts say the best snacks are cut up veggies or fresh fruit and plain yogurt if you want to drop weight and stay healthy.

Otherwise enjoy the convenience packs, just make sure you don’t overdo it.

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