‘Amazing’ Manning corn maze promises fun for all

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LASALLE, Colo. -- Fritzler’s Corn Maze opens Saturday and this year folks will be walking in Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s shadow as they try to get out of the 15-acre maze.

“We were going to feature Timmy Tebow, but when Peyton rode into town, we knew it was time to ‘man-up,'" said Glen Fritzler. “We now have 17 venues for folks to enjoy, now that we have put in the Corn Zombie Paintball buses in play.”

For many, from as far away as Denver, the corn maze has become an end of summer tradition. Teens bring dates, families bring the kids, and everyone seems to find something fun to do at the roadside amusement park in LaSalle.

The way they get the design from the computer to the field is top secret, but we can tell you it is not done with GPS, big combines or tractors.

All Glen would say is that he and his son spent five days in the field cutting corn to etch out the Peyton image.

“We can say this whole maze thing, now in its 15th season, saved our farm, with the Governor not allowing us and others to turn on water pumps, and with the lingering drought, we were able to turn a very bad situation into one where we are keeping our heads above water so to speak,” said Fritzler.

For a couple of Roosevelt High students, Brandon McNeice and Andy Hernandez, they can’t wait for the new paintball game to open. “We just know this is going to be awesome!” 

Glen has outfitted four school buses with 36 paintball guns and folks who ride the bus will hunt for zombies who have escaped from Alc-corn Prison and are hiding in the fields outside LaSalle.

“We tried it out for fun and were going to spend a few minutes playing.” That turned into all afternoon fun for Glen and his crew.

Something for everyone is how they describe the maze.

We can only say that is a true fact!

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