Video: Contestant tells X Factor judge ‘you use autotune and I don’t’

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X Factor is set to kick off its new season tonight on FOX 31, but the show can already report a nice viewing audience thanks to a clip that was leaked and has now gone viral.

One of X Factor’s new judges is in the middle of it all. And no, it’s not Britney Spears.

In fact, Spears had to come to the aid of Demi Lovato, another one of the show’s new co-hosts, when the actress-turned-singer-songwriter came under fire from one of the candidates to join the show’s new lineup.

The above video shows the aftermath of what one is led to believe was a poor performance by the featured contestant. In fact, there are reports that Simon Cowell told the vocalist he sounded like “a mouse trying to be an elephant.”

The contestant, furious at the criticism, told the judges “I’ve worked way too hard for this.” A seemingly sympathetic Lovato, who’s been dubbed the show’s new sweetheart in several reviews, made an effort to jump to the man’s defense.

“A lot of people work really, really hard for their dreams,” Lovato said. “But it’s not meant for everybody.”

Apparently Lovato’s remarks weren’t as appreciated as she had hoped they would be.

“That’s why you use autotune and I don’t,” the infuriated contestant retorted.

Cowell almost choked on his patented soft drink. Lovato was rendered mostly speechless. Spears got sassy.

“I want to know who let you on stage,” Spears said. “I feel uncomfortable with you staring at me.”

The incident has gotten so big it has — ironically enough — already achieved an autotune remix. There is also a new website devoted to the brave and mouthy contestant.

You can watch the show’s two-hour premiere on FOX 31 tonight at 8 p.m.

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