Hickenlooper comes out against marijuana legalization measure

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DENVER – Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper issued a statement Wednesday afternoon expressing his opposition to the most controversial measure on the state’s November ballot, an amendment seeking to legalize small amounts of marijuana.

“Colorado is known for many great things – marijuana should not be one of them,” Hickenlooper said in the statement. “Amendment 64 has the potential to increase the number of children using drugs and would detract from efforts to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation. It sends the wrong message to kids that drugs are OK.

“Federal laws would remain unchanged in classifying marijuana as a Schedule I substance, and federal authorities have been clear they will not turn a blind eye toward states attempting to trump those laws. While we are sympathetic to the unfairness of burdening young people with felony records for often minor marijuana transgressions, we trust that state lawmakers and district attorneys will work to mitigate such inequities.”

The statement came as a judge Wednesday upheld the language that will appear in the state’s official Blue Book, which supporters of the measure had opposed.

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