Viral video: Child narrowly escapes bison charge in Yellowstone

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CODY, WYO. — With fall approaching in the national treasure belonging to our neighbors to the north, Yellowstone National Park officials are warning visitors about staying away from wildlife.

That warning apparently didn’t come soon enough.

The park’s regulations require visitors to stay at least 100 yards from wolves and bears, and 25 yards from other large wildlife like elk and bison — both of the latter become more aggressive during their mating periods. 

You guessed it. The mating periods for bison and elk are going on right now.

This clip, entitled “Bison Fury,” has been viewed over 514,000 times since it was uploaded on Aug. 4. In the video, a young child approaches the giant creature along with a group of people.

Apparently out of earshot of the videographer, who can be heard issuing a warning that the beast appears to be growing agitated, the group passes within a couple of the bison, even stepping off the boardwalk to do so.

Perhaps in self-preservation mode, the father stands back and watches as the bison tears off after his young son. Thankfully, both are able to flee the scene with smiles on their faces.

It seems doubtful Yellowstone Park officials viewed this now-viral video with the same expression.

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