Firefighters, families climb stairs at Red Rocks to honor those who died on 9/11

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Eleven years ago on this day America suffered the worst terrorist attack on its soil in history.

Tuesday, the moment of silence at Red Rocks Amphitheatre was deafening.  Firefighters and their families from 75 fire departments from around the country were here.

They came to remember, to honor, and to climb the stairs at Red Rocks as a tribute to the emergency responders who gave their lives when they started climbing the stairs of the giant World Trade Center towers to save others’ lives.

"The ultimate sacrifice that they gave they made that day, and it could happen any time," said one Colorado firefighter.

"There are guys that are, and girls that are dressed in the full fire gear that are doing this walk today. They told us there are people that are far away as Hawaii.  I'm from New Hampshire, but we're here to remember the brothers that have died and have gone before us."

It wasn't a race. Some folks simply were sitting in the shade and reflecting.  Everyone, however, seemed to have one thing in common: a deep sense of gratitude.

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