El Paso deputies say horse, lion shootings may be related

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CALHAN, Colo. -- As if the shooting of a lion in an El Paso County zoo wasn't bizarre enough, police are now saying that a nearby attack on a pair of horses may be related.

El Paso County deputies said two horses and a lion have been shot over the past three weeks. Two of the shootings happened on the same day.

Hours after owner Matt Hall's horse Dixie was shot in the chest, a lion named Zazu was shot in the shoulder at the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center. The zoo is less than a half mile away from Hall's property.

"Of all the things to shoot, a horse?" Hall told KKTV. "A horse doesn't do anything."

The second horse was shot two week's before Dixie and 11 miles from Hall's property. Both horses died from their wounds. Though the lion was expected to recover, Serenity Springs' executive director Nick Sculac echoed Hall's sentiment.

"To pick on a defenseless animal that's sitting in a cage, that's not a hunter,"  Sculac said. "That (person) shouldn't even have a gun,”