Broncos are over week 1, getting ready for Atlanta challenge

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They’re over it… the big win that is… and getting ready for the challenge they face in Atlanta Monday night. Here’s the current state of the Broncos Tuesday in the words of a couple of players themselves.


“We’ve moved on. It was a great start, but each week it’s getting harder and harder. This is a great team we’re playing against, the Atlanta Falcons. They have so many weapons and we’re definitely going to have to come out there with the same intensity and the same focus that we had this past week.”

“This is the NFL. Whenever you can get a win in this league, it’s always a great thing. But at the same time, you have to be focused. Whatever good or bad happened, throw it out the window and get ready for the next week. The Falcons are hitting on all cylinders, both sides of the ball, so it’s going to be another tough task for us.”

“It’s a big loss [Ty Warren] because they guy has tons of experience, great locker room guy, a guy who was going to have a great season, who worked hard. I’m truly going to miss him because he’s been like a mentor to myself. In this league it’s next man up. We wish all the prayers for him that he gets healthy. We wish the best for him.”

“It’s exciting. For [Wolfe], that was a big opener for him. I’m excited because I’ve seen him train throughout the offseason. For him to go out there and dominate the way he did, it shows his future for this team. The D-line did a great job. The good thing I like about us is how we all communicated pre-snap. We did exactly what we did in practice and throughout training camp.”

“Both of those guys are big-time players (Jones and WR Roddy White). Julio, he’s a friend of mine, he can do it all. He can block, he can run, he can run great routes. Great hands. DT (WR Demaryius Thomas) does the same thing. It’s going to be a tough task for us and we’re looking forward to it. That’s why we’re in the NFL.”

“It’s the NFL. Every game is primetime. Every game is like the Super Bowl. Every week you have to go out there and prove yourself. We’re looking forward to it. We’re not too anxious. We’re just going to do what we do—watch film and take our time.

“I actually looked more comfortable than I ever did. I made more plays on the ball more in the run game. It just shows the film study I put in—getting here at 5:45AM with [CB] Tracy Porter and the rest of the guys, just watching film. That’s what makes you feel more comfortable out there. It’s not about my performance because this league is all about getting victories and winning. I want to be a winner and to be a part of the win is a great thing. Last year I really wasn’t part of it. I really didn’t play. I’m just blessed to be in an opportunity to share it with these guys.”

“We just want to get an extra edge and we do it every day. That’s what it takes. That’s why we’re here, that’s what will keep us here. We have to buy in and once we do that we’ll be fine.”

“The good thing about Matt Ryan is he makes great decisions. He has a good arm. He has great pocket presence. He’s poised. He’s polished. He gets the ball into the playmakers’ hands. It’s the reason why he’s a Pro Bowler. It’s the reason why they’ve been to the playoffs. It’s the reason why they have a good home winning streak and I’m looking forward to it. He’s a good competitor and I have the utmost respect for him.”


“We just have to come out on Thursday and get another good practice in and just keep on working. [Beating Pittsburgh] is a good start, but everyone just needs to keep on improving.”   

“It definitely helps to start off 1-0. Everyone knows what we’ve got on the defensive side of the ball and everything, but we’ve just got to keep on improving. There’s a lot of things that, when we watch film, we can improve on. I think that if we clean those things up, we’ll be a tough defense.”

“It affects us a lot, [Ty Warren being out]  actually. He’s a great leader, but as [Head] Coach [John] Fox always says, ‘Next guy up.’ That kind of opens the door for guys like me, so I’ve just got to keep on working and hopefully fill his spot.”

“With the nickel stuff, they came out with 11-personnel, so they were playing that pretty much the whole game. We were trying to shut down the run, so that’s why I got so many plays. We started a rotation and sub, because that’s pretty much all they were playing the whole game.”

“I fell like it went alright. It’s always good to get those cobwebs out after the first game. That’s probably half as many snaps as I had all last year, so to get that many snaps in the first game really feels good.”

 “I just need to keep on working. That’s the only thing I can control, is the way I work. [Warren’s injury] is a huge loss to the D-line. I feel really bad for the guy, because he’s such an emotional and physical leader out there on the field. Hopefully I can step up and take my opportunity.”

“They’re both really tough quarterbacks, [Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan) we’re just going to have to be smart with how we rush and everything, because Matt Ryan, he can also move around the pocket pretty well, so it’s just one of those things that we just have to do what we can to keep pressure on the quarterback and think about the way we’re rushing, not down the field.”

“It’s definitely fun, and there’s a lot of nerves with those big-time night games. We’re just going to have to keep on working and keep our emotions in check, because you don’t want to get too amped up for games like that, because then you do things you normally don’t do. You’ve just got to stay calm and do your job.”

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