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Famous Southern California bear waits to move to Colorado

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Glen Bearian, as the 400-pound Hollywood bear is known on Twitter, has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter.

All because he loves meatballs and oranges.

Meatball is also a name residents have for the black bear who was caught when he finished taking a dip in a backyard California pool.

Now the bear is being held in a concrete and steel cell in Cali, even though he has a home in Colorado at the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keensburg.

“Meatball is crying in his cell,” said Bobbi Brink, owner of the Lions, Tigers & Bears Sanctuary in Alpine, CA. “He’s been free so long he is trying to figure out why he is on lock-down.”

Pat Craig owns TWAS in Keensburg and routinely makes trips around the world to take in large critters such as Meatball. He says a Colorado statute and Division of Wildlife regulation are at odds, when it comes to getting the bear to a new home in Colorado.

“The statute allows for the transfer but a wildlife regulation does not," wildlife officials say. “The prohibitive regulation states no wildlife taken from the wild shall be possessed by any wildlife sanctuary.”

But Craig says that is exactly what he has done over the past 30 years out on the eastern plains.

The Wildlife Commission is meeting over the next two days and Craig’s attorney is at the table trying to get some of the language changed which would then make it okay for the big bear to get out of his tiny cell.

When that happens Craig says he will drive to L.A. to pick up Meatball who is more famous than the average bear!


Twitter handle:  @TheGlendaleBear  and a fundraising effort for the move is pulling in money by sales of buttons and tee shirts all for Meatball.