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Exclusive: Accused fake firefighter appears in National Guard video

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New video provided to FOX31 Denver by a law enforcement source show suspected firefighter impersonator Michael Maher behind the High Park Fire line.

It was shot by the Colorado National Guard as a promotional video on the contributions of the guard to firefighting efforts. 

About 40 seconds into the video, the law enforcement source says Maher appears dressed in firefighter gear asking guardsman for directions on how to get to the fire. 

Court documents released show also how deputies tracked Maher to arrest him.

They say in the days after the fire started, Maher came to the Rist Canyon fire station telling two firefighters he had been assigned to them.

The documents say Maher was wearing gear that made the firefighters believe he was with a federal agency and so they allowed him to ride along.

The documents note Maher's odd behavior.

The firefighters say Maher played loud music and sang to Journey. They say the music was so loud no one in the vehicle could hear the command radio. At one point, the firefighters say Maher asked, "Where the skanks were?"

Maher was eventually arrested and charged with crimes including impersonating a firefighter.