Mitt Romney’s youngest son campaigns in Colorado, talk turns to economy

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Mitt Romney’s youngest son was in Colorado Tuesday courting the Hispanic vote. 

Craig Romney spoke to a small group at the Lakewood Cultural Center.

The focus of the event was small business, but the conversation turned to much more than that. 

With the deficit hitting $16 trillion, Craig Romney told the group that his father is the candidate who can turn around the economy and the country.

“My dad is well equipped to take on this deficit, he’s well equipped to get the country back on track, but we are going to need your help to do it.,” Craig said.  During a sit-down interview, Craig said it was great fun growing up in his house.

With five boys, his dad was the disciplinarian. “If you needed some money you went to my mom, my dad was too cheap,” he joked.

He said his grandfather, Mitt Romney’s father, came to this country as an immigrant from Mexico with no money.

“He came to this country with nothing more than hope of a better life, and eventually he was governor of Michigan president of an automobile company,” he said.

Craig says he’s proud of his family’s story, and he was in Lakewood listening to other people’s stories.