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GOLDEN, Colo. – Folks in the Lookout Mountain neighborhoods near Golden are used to sharing space with wildlife.  But a mountain lion that’s roaming through back yards is getting a little too close.

Bill Bassett says he heard the animal kill a deer Friday night in his neighbor’s back yard.

“He killed a buck in the back yard,” he says. “My neighbor’s yard, right behind us.”

The neighbor, James Russell, says he removed the carcass, but the mountain lion keeps returning anyway, and has taken to sleeping under a bench in his yard.  “This morning I opened the curtains and the lion was under a bench in the backyard, just enjoying himself,” Russell says.

Neighbors took pictures, while the mountain lion stared right back at them.  Bassett says the cat showed no fear.

“I was only seven feet away but he was looking at us. He wasn’t afraid of us.”

The mountain lion has been roaming through bushes in neighborhood yards for three days now.

“It’s a little unusual that he’s hanging around so much, that kind of worries me,” Bassett says. “He’s not afraid of people.”

Police and the Division of Wildlife are on the lookout and hope the mountain lion decides to move on, on his own and they won’t have to intervene.