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Cities on USA Pro Cycling Challenge see hike in revenue

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BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. -- Businesses along the race routes are really benefiting from the big crowds.

Just ask Breckenridge, the town that hosted the USA Pro Cycling Challenge’s finish in 2011.

“It felt like a European race man,” Thad Eldridge, owner of Carvers Bike Shop, said of the finish in 2011. “There were tons of people and they were slamming the barriers and going crazy.”

According to city officials, hotels saw a 5-10 percent increase in business during the race a year ago. But this year presented a bit of a different challenge for organizers of race-day events.

“Last year we had the finish, so it was about doing things during the day and waiting for the riders to get here,” Tim Gagen said. “This year, we were a stage stop, so it was about the riders actually being here.”

People like Brenden McMann, an Ireland native, said the city knocked it out of the park once again.

“Credit to you guys,” McMann said. “This race is a 10 out of 10.”