Parker fisherman hooks surprise catch: a piranha

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Parker – One fisherman got the surprise of his life when he discovered a species of Piranha living inside a neighborhood lake that’s more likely to be the home of bass and tadpoles.

“I’m worried about it eating all my other fish,” said Garry Norman while admiring his latest catch from Bingham Lake in Parker.

The fish, which experts believe is a Pacu, is a native of South America and not a species of fish normally found in Colorado. Some suggest the fish was first brought to the United States as a pet but its owner likely abandoned the Pacu after only a number of months.

"People get them at pet shops they don't want to flush them down the toilet and when they can't afford to feed them they'll let them go." added one fisherman when asked about the unlikely discovery.

On Saturday, Norman showed off his latest catch but also worried about if left inside Bingham Lake the fish could prove to be a problem for other wildlife.

“It was going to eat too much vegetation and kill everything else in the lake," added Norman.