Official Report brings new accusations against dentist who reused needles

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DENVER — The dentist accused of reusing dirty needles on patients and potentially spreading dangerous diseases may have been using drugs. That’s according to state documents.

“(Stein) wrote prescriptions for (Vicodin and Vicoprofen) for patients prior to their procedures,” according to the Colorado Dental Board. “(He) asked (them) to bring the prescription to (their) appointment. (STEIN) Then diverted controlled substances from his patients for his personal use.”

The report says Stein, “was using controlled substances, including Vicodin
and Vicoprofen, and was impaired while practicing dentistry.”

The board also says he was using dirty needles on patients.

“The practice at his dental office was to save the unused portion of medication and combine the medications into one syringe to be used on another patient,” the report continues. See the full Dental Board report here

The Colorado Department of Public Health issued a warning last month to his former patients to get tested for possible diseases.

“Reading these allegations its absolutely mind blowing and it's very sad and disappointing that a professional would abuse his patients trust," said Hollynd Hoskins, an attorney representing a number of former patients of Dr. Stein.

Three people tested positive so far, but officials say it’s impossible to prove if Stein’s dirty needles are actually what caused those patients to become infected.

In July, Denver Police confirmed they too were investigating Dr. Stephen Stein for possible prescription fraud. The case remains pending.

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