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Man accusing police of beating him unconscious will appear in court

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An image of some of Clay Rampone's injuries sustained on Jan. 1, 2012. Rampone says his injuries are due to police brutality.

An image of some of Clay Rampone's injuries sustained on Jan. 1, 2012. Rampone says his injuries are due to police brutality.

DENVER — A man who says he is the victim of brutality by Denver police officers on New Year’s morning is expected to take the witness stand Wednesday.

Clay Rampone is fighting a disturbance ticket he was issued at It’s Brothers Bar in LoDo on New Year’s morning because he says he was beaten up by two officers while he was unconscious. A verdict on the ticket is expected by Wednesday afternoon.

According to Rampone, after leaving the bar, he attempted to re-enter in an effort get an expensive coat he had left — a coat that also held his cell phone and credit card.

Rampone said he was told by two police officers to wait outside while they got his coat for him. But after they offered to help, Rampone said the police did not proceed to get his jacket and ignored his further requests.

At that point, Rampone said he went to the bar’s bouncers and explained the situation. That explanation got heated and ended in a bouncer pushing Rampone. At which point, Rampone said, he shoved the bouncer back.

Eventually, Rampone said he gave up the effort to get his coat and was walking away from the bar. That’s when he said the police officers grabbed him from behind and threw him down a flight of stairs.

Rampone’s friends have said that even though Rampone was “clearly unconscious,” the second officer pinned him down and started slamming his head into the concrete sidewalk. A doctor told Rampone he had sustained a concussion as well as serious injuries to his head, ear, face and elbows.

The charges against Rampone include trespassing, resistance and interference, but his lawyer Maureen O’Brien says it clear to her he has done nothing wrong.

“You hear these stories about police brutality, and always think there’s some basis for it,” O’Brien said. “But in this case I don’t see any basis for it. It’s just ridiculous and total brutality.”

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