Dog goes missing after big car crash, but now he’s home

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A Denver couple survived a frightening car crash Sunday, but things got worse when two of their three dogs jumped out of the car and went missing. The dogs ran in opposite directions from the crash at 18th and Colorado, and their owner said she saw them get hit by other cars.

“I pretty much broke down. That’s all I wanted was to find my dog,” said Mike Yoho.

Friends searched through the night and put up flyers around the neighborhood, but no luck. The pair was ready to give up, until: “We were sitting by the computer and I was looking through and out loud said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s Buddy’,” said Elizabeth Davey.

It turns out Buddy made it about a mile away to 11th and Cook. That’s where someone picked him up and he ended up at the Denver Animal Shelter. Davey saw his picture online and the pair went to pick him up right away.

“He was really happy. He was peeing everywhere,” Yoho said.

Despite his ordeal, Buddy is in pretty good shape.

“The pads of his paws are scraped off, which is pretty painful for him, but that’s it,” said Davey.

They say Buddy is still a little skittish about loud noises but they’re sure now that they’re together all three can start getting back to normal. A Denver firefighter caught their other dog Della, a golden retriever, and dropped her off at a veterinarian’s office. She’s also going to be fine.

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