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Disabled pets show they can do all kinds of things

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DENVER -- Some specialĀ  pets got the chance to strut their stuff over the weekend at the Denver Disabled Dog Olympics.

Nakio the "bionic dog" was just one of the animals featured at the event. He walks on four prosthetic legs after losing his toes to frostbite.

Even without the full use of his legs, Nakio and other special needs dogs showed they can still master an agility course with finesse and skill.

"With the prosthetics, we can take him on walks. We can do anything a normal dog can do," says Weston Pace. "He can run, he can play. Actually, this whole event is kind of to show all these disabled dogs can do anything normal dogs can do."

The event also helped owners learn how to live with and take care of disabled or special needs pets.

Nakio's Underdog Rescue