What to do if your gas pedal gets stuck

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On I-70 in Colorado, Greg Gill’s car begins speeding up forcing him to try to use a run-away truck lane to slow down. Then in Iowa this weekend a woman’s SUV takes off…hitting speeds of 120 mph.

What would you do? We put that question to the experts at Drive Safe Driving School, who first hit us with the list of things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t panic, don’t take your eyes off the road and don’t turn off your car because you will lose your power steering and at a high rate of speed that could spell real trouble.

Then we put the question to motorists who were pretty close to getting things right, but one did say, “Reach down and try to free the pedal.”

That would be wrong as Ben Baron of Drive Safe says, “Keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road” is the best option.

If you have a hands-free cell set up in your car, that will allow you to call 911 to get help about what road conditions are ahead of you and where you can pull off safely.

Police don’t really train for helping stop cars speeding out of control, but when they are needed they do help motorists in distress by clearing the road ahead of them.

Best advice, from the State Patrol is to put the car in neutral, hit the brakes and when it’s safe turn off the car. And pay attention to the ‘check engine’ light with all the censors and electronics under the hood, you never know which one controls your fuel and speed.