New duo brings spark to popular Denver restaurant, along with some love

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DENVER -- It’s been part of the Denver restaurant scene for more than 25 years, but if you haven’t stopped by Strings lately you might be in for a surprise. The restaurant has two new chefs who are shaking things up.

“It’s taking our same fresh, local, simple approach but then also changing it up just a tiny bit so people think more about it,” said executive chef Pippa Taylor.

She works side by side in the kitchen with her sous chef, Ryan, who also happens to be her husband.

“I started working at restaurant Kevin Taylor and this guy was the sous chef,” Pippa said. “And we just met cooking on the line.”

The pair has put their talents together to create a new, exciting menu at Strings.

“We just feed off each other so much and it works very well,” Ryan said. “I think we’ve put out a lot of great dishes because of it.”

“We got rid of the stuffy old tablecloths, our servers are dressed more comfortably in jeans, and everything’s a little bit more casual,” Pippa said. “The food is still just as fancy and fine dining, but also affordable.”

So how do these two chefs spend all day together at work and then go home together too?

“People think we’re crazy,” Pippa said.

But the pair has found a way to bring out the best in one another and Denver diners can taste it in every bite.

“I know we don’t get to work together in the same kitchen forever, but right now it’s super awesome and it works really well,” Pippa said. “It’s like going to work with my best friend every day. It’s perfect.”


Strings is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. You’ll find it at 1700 Humboldt in Denver.