Make sure your appliances don’t pose fire hazard for your family

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You throw the clothes in the dryer, set the crock pot to cook for a few hours and think nothing of it, but experts say appliances can cause extreme fire hazards.

While experts say newer appliances are designed with better safety features these days,  things can go wrong, putting your home at risk. 

When appliances are defective, old or aren't used properly, they can spark and ignite a fire.

Dan CiClerico of Consumer Reports says the first step is to register your appliances so you can receive updated information on warnings and recalls, “That way if a defect is discovered by the manufacturer, and a recall is issued, you're guaranteed to hear about that recall promptly, and you can take all the necessary actions to protect yourself.”

You should regularly inspect your appliances. 

Look for any changes, even something small like a light that’s gone out can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Inspect power cords for frays and damage, check your wiring, especially in older homes, and clear grease build up in range hoods.

Experts say you should also have your clothes dryer inspected, lint build up has been known to ignite fires as well.

Of course, common sense is the rule of thumb. Unplug small appliances and never leave  the oven or stove on while you are away from home. Never loop extension cords between mattresses or under rugs.

If you would like more information on protecting your home, you should contact your local fire department or visit their website for a list of available services.