Mama bear and 3 cubs become star attraction in Golden neighborhood

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- People in North Golden noticed the fuss over a quartet of bears Wednesday night about 9 p.m. when they crossed Highway 93 and headed into neighborhoods.

They were then spotted in apple trees in backyards, dining on granny's best. By early Thursday morning, school kids saw the bears almost falling out of the apple tree, heading for the gulch that runs through the neighborhood near 7th and Garden, just north of Highway 58.

As the day wore on, state wildlife agents along with Golden Police, kept a watch on the three cubs and their mom, who were making themselves at home in a big cottonwood tree.

Napping and taking trips down the tree to dine on plants along the bank of the gulch. All this while almost everyone stopped by to take a look at the bears in the 'hood.

The crews kept people back hoping that nightfall would come and the bears would make their way north, toward Table Mountain and a little peace and quiet.

For some school kids, it was a chance to be late to class... one kid saying "I took a lot of pictures to show the class and so the teacher wouldn't think i was just making up seeing the bears!"

When the sun went down, the bears did move on. Wildlife officials stuck around just to keep an eye on them, though.