New LeBron James Nike sneakers carry superstar price tag

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DENVER -- It finally happened. The ceiling was broken. The cost of a pair of Nike shoes hit a record.

When passers-by on the 16th Street Mall in Denver were told the bottom line, they responded, "No way." "What?" "Ridiculous." And, "I've had cars that cost less than that."

First, a little perspective.  A good pair of men's leather shoes, about $100. Ladies’ shoes, about a $100-150.

Ok, ready for this?  Hope you're sitting down while you’re reading this.

The new Nike LeBron X retails for $315US. "Shock, utter, I'm kidding," says marketing professor at MSU-Denver Darrin Duber-Smith.

He's not surprised at the price as athletic shoes have been expensive for decades.

"Nike believes there is a segment of consumers that will pay a prestige price."  That segment is young males under 30 years old.

But what about us working stiffs over 30? "I can buy $315 worth of wardrobe for my son, my husband, me, and some family members. So yeah, it's ridiculous." says one downtown waitress.

Yeah, but just look at that gold swoosh. "Ridiculous," she says again.

The shoes do have electronics in them that track how well you jump and how fast you run in them.

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