3 people survive crash landing at Boulder Airport

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BOULDER, Colo. -- A small plane made a crash landing Wednesday at the Boulder Municipal Airport. The plane landed upside down after falling about 40 feet from the runway.

“We had some winds coming out of the west, and shortly thereafter we had a plane come in for landing on runway 8 and it looked like it was going pretty fast; too fast to stop,” said airport manager Tim Head.

The Cessna 210 flipped and landed upside down with three people inside. By the time anyone got to the crash site all of them were already out of the plane unharmed.

“He said when everything stopped moving they just unbuckled themselves and were able to climb out,” Head said.

Recovery crews assessed the damage Wednesday afternoon to determine how to remove the plane.

“The first concern is they want to make sure they don’t damage the plane anymore, that could possibly cause a fire or a fuel spill,” said Head.

Those who saw the crash are amazed the three people inside walked away uninjured. All three were belted in and their cargo had netting on it to keep it secure. The pilot is a Boulder resident. Crews decided to remove the plane Thursday. The airport will be closed for several hours during the removal.

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