Special racing team ready to take on the Pro Cycling Challenge

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Cycling Team Type 1 has more than 120 team members who compete in athletic events around the world.

This week, the cycling boys are in Colorado getting set to take on the stage races in the Pro Cycling Challenge—which some think should be named The Tour de Colorado.

We caught up with the team on the road up Flagstaff Mountain as they take in some final practice rides before heading over to Stage 1 in Durango.

But there is something special about this team, many of the members have Type 1 diabetes.

“I have a chip in my side that allows me to get a digital readout of my blood sugar while I am in the saddle,” said Spanish rider Javier Megias. “My normal blood sugar level should be between 80 and 120, but when I am riding between 100 and 200 is fine.”

Kiel Reijnen lives in Boulder and today he was taking his mates up Flagstaff Mountain to get them up to speed on the final race before teams will hit Denver for time trials.

“I just am letting them get used to the climb and some of the twists and turns in the route,” said Reijnen.

Team manager, Jack Seehafer of Erie, says this team is about more than just racing, “We are on a bit of an awareness mission as well, we want people with diabetes to know that anything is possible, even if they are suffering from the disease.”

The team has riders from all over the world, but most we spoke with today say they love Colorado…  the mountains, valleys and hot weather all things that will make a week riding the Rockies something they will remember forever.

But to a man, they also are proud to ride with mates who are fighting through their illness by dancing on their pedals.

When you see Team Type 1 riders whizzing by, give them an extra shout out…Colorado style!!!

Oh, and if you line the roads and highways where the racers are riding… don’t be that guy who runs alongside with a bad Speedo but if you do, DON’T FALL, or you could wind up on da da da…da da da! (SportsCenter for those who don’t know the tune).