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New Democratic poll shows Miklosi gaining on Coffman

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DENVER — Despite raising relatively little money, Democrat Joe Miklosi appears to be within striking distance of his well-funded GOP opponent, Congressman Mike Coffman, according to a poll from a Democratic group.

Democracy For America, a liberal political action committee based in Vermont and founded by the state’s former Gov. Howard Dean, released a poll Thursday showing Coffman ahead of Miklosi 40-36 percent.

The survey also shows President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney in Coffman’s district, which could decide who wins the state, by a margin of 52-43 percent.

More than 650 likely voters in the district were polled.

They were also asked about GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s proposed changes to the Medicare system; and only 16 percent of respondents said they supported “turning Medicare into a voucher program.”

Of course, the Romney-Ryan ticket would dispute the notion that the Ryan proposal is as simple as that; and both GOP candidates have been careful to state that Ryan is adopting Romney’s platform, not the other way around.

Although they know this poll will likely be brushed off by many as incredibly slanted, Democrats are optimistic that it’s relatively accurate — that Miklosi is actually close enough to Coffman, despite his disadvantages with fundraising and name ID, that an influx of outside spending on the race could give him a real shot.

While it remains to be seen how much money Miklosi gets from the DCCC, DFA has named him to it’s “Dean’s Dozen” list of 12 candidates who will get the largest allotments of financial resources from the group.