Man accused of murdering his mother, grandmother in rural Colo.

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YUMA COUNTY, Colo. -- It's a crime that has two Colorado communities in shock. A man from Aurora is accused of killing two women near the tiny community of Kirk on Colorado's Eastern Plains.

The victims were the suspect's mother and grandmother.

And now, FOX31 Denver's Dave Young has information about a separate, violent rampage that took place a few weeks earlier at the suspect's home in Aurora.

The murders happened Monday east of Kirk near the Colorado border with Kansas.

30-year-old Tyler Withrow was a self-described comedy writer, fringe performance artist and standup comic.

But we're learning he had been dealing with inner demons, and that a rampage in Aurora nearly left him bleeding to death from his own self-inflicted wounds.

Neighbors say the elderly woman who owned the home in rural Yuma County and the daughter living with her were the kind of neighbors you want to have.

"Oh, I'm devastated and a little scared at night, you know," says Carol Lichty.

The Yuma County coroner and sheriff are not releasing their identities, FOX31 Denver learned exclusively the two women are Tyler Withrow's mother and grandmother.

They're tentatively identified as Diane Withrow and 88-year-old Elva Doddridge listed as the owner of the home where the murders took place in Kirk, Colorado.

"I just feel really sad for the family, and it's going to be hard for them to get through this," Lichty says.

We've learned the suspect, an unconventional comic and writer, had been living in an Aurora townhome owned by his father for several months while undergoing mental health treatment.

Crime scene tape from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is still fresh on the doors... still spattered with blood. The CBI is investigating the Yuma County homicides.

Inside, a book on Nazis and the occult sits in plain view on the shelf.

Neighbor David Hays shot some video with his cell phone at the town home complex on July 27th. You can see it in the video clip.

The video shows the scene after witnesses say Tyler Withrow set the town home on fire, threw all his belongings outside and went on a rampage.

"I look out my window and there's a naked guy breaking car windows, you know, banging them out," says eyewitness Lisa Hays.

She says Withrow slit his own wrists with broken glass and smashed out windows on four cars and at least one town home all while police tried to get him under control.

"They 'tased' him and he fell and then he popped right back up," she says.

Hays also says he Withrow struggled with police while bleeding profusely before he finally went unconscious. "He just went on a rampage, crazy rampage. He was incoherent."

Paramedics took Withrow to the hospital where he remained on a mental health hold.

But he somehow ended up in Yuma County at his grandmother's house on Monday.

"The guy went crazy's so sad," Lisa Hays says.

Withrow is now in the Yuma County Jail without bond on two counts of first degree murder after deliberation.

When asked if the coroner or sheriff would soon be releasing identities of the victims, FOX31 Denver was told that may fall under a gag order issued by a judge in this case.