Treasured jewelry gets flushed; sanitation crew comes to the rescue

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- Gail Wlikerson thought her family jewels had been lost forever.

"My dad gave me these two diamond rings when I was 18," said Wilkerson. "When I figured out that I had thrown away the tissue I put my rings in at the river, I was just heartbroken!"

They were flushed down a toilet.

After a couple of failed attempts to snake out the sewer line, her house-mate, Stan Harper, called the North Table Mountain Water Department, who sent out a four-man team to track down the diamonds.

"We just felt that we had to help Stan, who is a WWII survivor, and his friend to find those rings," said Jason Hart, of NTMWS. "We wanted to give it a good shot and when we did, man we found those cool is that!"

The crew polished up the rings and got them back to Wilkerson, who showed up at the water office to present the men with a reward, but as water district policies would have it, no one can accept cash for work etc, etc.

So, Gail says she will simply send edible fruit to the agency along with cookies as her way of saying thanks for saving her valuable treasures.