New Denver restaurant focuses on Ping Pong

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DENVER -- A new Denver restaurant is putting the spotlight on a different kind of table - the ping pong kind.

Many people probably had them while growing up; now Ace Eat and Serve is giving the ping pong table an upgrade from the basement to the dining room. The new restaurant and bar is the newest venture from the group that brought you Steuben’s and Vesta Dipping Grill.

“It’s easy fun, like bowling,” said owner Josh Wolkon. “Anybody can play; there’s a low barrier to entry. It’s easy to have a good time, whether you’re good or not.”

Wolkon got the idea from trips to New York and Los Angeles where ping pong bars have taken off. But this isn’t all about the game; don’t forget - these guys are also heavyweights in the kitchen. Ace is a departure from their other restaurants in branding itself an Asian diner.

“We have dumplings, bao buns, a noodle bowl, some soups, crispy beef, and some amazing chicken wings – the tiger wings. It’s more snacking, sharing, small plates,” Wolkon said.

In its first week Ace seems to be a hit.

“Basically anyone can play it, even me and I’m a horrible ping pong player. And I still had a blast with it,” said Victoria Huber.

“I get tired of going to pool halls, I can’t play pool. So I’ve been waiting for something like this,” said Chris Loucks.

Wolkon said he plans to eventually host ping pong tournaments, so you have some time to practice your serve.