Police warn residents about the ‘Felony Lane Gang’

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Dog parks, sports parks, daycares and the YMCA -- those seem to be the new targets of transient thieves traveling across the country.

Arvada Police are now warning residents there has been an increase in the number of car break-ins at those places.

Families may be tempted to leave their valuables in the car, but officers say don't do it. 

"Our message to families is always be vigilant and keep your valuables with you," said Jill McGranahan, the public information officer.

Officers believe the thieves break in, take a checkbook and id and head straight to the bank to cash a check.

They even wear disguises to look like the victims. The group has been dubbed the "Felony Lane Gang" because they go to the outer most drive through lanes at banks to make themselves harder to see.

Police believe this is a large group of suspects and officers are working with other jurisdictions to see where else they make have hit. 

Residents are on alert. "It's shocking to me and I'm definitely going to keep on being careful," said Bev Moe.