Anti-Defamation League ‘tracked’ alleged Sikh temple gunman

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DENVER — The Anti-Defamation League in Denver, and anti-hate group, says it has been tracking Wade Michael Page since 2010.

Director Scott Levin says, “He’s a front person for ‘End Apathy’ and it’s one of the white power bands that espouses a very virulent form of hate and white supremacy.”

Levin says Page is also a member of the skinhead group, Hammerskins.  He says, “Hammerskins are a particularly violent and active white supremacy group. They really feel there is not a place for the ‘other’ in this society.”

He says they started tracking Page through his band, which has performed in North Carolina and Florida.

He says they are not aware of any appearances in Colorado.

Although Levin says the Hammerskin and other hate groups have increased in Colorado and across the country.  And he says there is also an increase in hate crimes. 

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