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Broncos excited about Saturday Scrimmage

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Large crowd watches Peyton Manning throw at Broncos training camp. July 30, 2012

Large crowd watches Peyton Manning throw at Broncos training camp. July 30, 2012

Head Coach John Fox: Saturday Scrimmage is an Opportunity

“We’ll be on it tonight and go over the playing time, but we expect probably all three groups get 12 plays apiece. We’ve got some seven-on-seven [drills] scheduled, as well as some special teams. Part of it will be a practice, and part of it will be a scrimmage for the fans out there tomorrow.”

“Typically it’s ones against twos, offense-defense, and then we end up with threes-on-threes. We evaluate every practice. This has got a little more credit to it because it is live for 12 plays, and [we’ll] see how guys respond to that and get their feet wet for next Thursday against Chicago “I expect them to be on their A-game every time they come out here, so we’ll see how it is. They dictate who’s where on the depth chart, and this is another opportunity for them to move up or down.”

Tight End Joel Dreessen: Role of the Tight Ends

“We’ve got a lot of stuff going in. I’m just working away to be the best I can possibly be. We’ll probably have our opportunities. That’s a good thing.

“I love Jacob[Tamme] as a player. I think he’s been a blessing to work with. He’s a pro’s pro. He shows up to work every day. He’s actually a lot better blocker than people actually give him credit for, so we help each other as far as technique-wise, route-wise, assignment-wise. It’s been a lot of fun to work with him.”

Defensive End Jason Hunter: His Training Camp Progress

“It’s early in camp. The roster can change. Right now, I’m just trying to stay humble and just keep working. [I want to] come out here, play good football, play with a passion and get better every day. That’s what it’s about. We have such a deep rotation. That’s what it’s going to be. We have [DE] Robert [Ayers], he’s a good player. [DE] Elvis [Dumervil], we have some young guys—[DE] Jeremy Beal, [DT] Derek Wolfe. Anybody can be put at that spot and play hard. We’re just all trying to work and grind it out. It’s camp life. Right now, no positions are set. They’re still moving guys around to try to see who can fit where.

“Basically, you have to come out here and work hard. If you want a job, and a role on this team, just come out here every day and work hard. Like I said, nobody has a locked down, for sure job. Basically, just keep working every day and hopefully I can work hard enough and do all the right things so when we have that first home game against Pittsburgh, I’ll be starting at that closed-side end.

“It’s competition. Competing against those guys hard every day, they’re going to compete hard; I’m going to compete hard, so in the end we’re going to make this football team better. That’s what it’s about. Everybody doing their job, doing it at a full speed, even when you’re tired and don’t feel like doing it, but still come out here and grind it out. Like [Head Coach John] Fox said, we’re in a race against 31 other teams. Those 31 other teams are competing hard too. It’s going to be competitive this year. In the end, we’re trying to put ourselves in position for that Lombardi Trophy.

“It’s definitely important, getting good work. But like I said, we’re deep. We’ve got some good guys on the O-line with the twos that are good too. [You have OT] Chris Clark and OT] Tony Hills [and] some other guys that work hard and grind hard. I’m getting good work whether I’m working with the ones or twos. Everybody is working. It’s camp. That’s just what it is right now. It’s camp. It’s early. We haven’t even played our first preseason game yet, so we’ll see what’s what. We’re going to keep working, keep grinding, and just stay in my playbook and come out here and work hard.”

“I’m just feeling like I want to get better every day. I want to come out here and make our team better, whatever I have to do. Come out here and compete. That’s my mindset. I’m not thinking about being satisfied right now. I could come out here and have a bad practice and be bumped down to the twos or threes. Right now I just have to be out here to be consistent, show consistency every day by working to get better.”


“Did not participate today: [S] Quinton Carter, hamstring and knee; [WR] Tyler Grisham, knee; [WR] Greg Orton, ankle; [RB] Ronnie Hillman, hamstring; [OT] Orlando Franklin, concussion, which he did get cleared, so he’ll be available to practice. We’ll use him sparingly tomorrow. [DT] Justin Bannan left with that same calf [injury] and did not finish practice.”