Consensus: Mustache makes a comeback

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DENVER -- Whether you think they are machismo, or cheesy, they're coming back in style. The moniker of masculinity, the mustache.

GQ Barber Lounge stylist Sarah Webb, for one, is happy to welcome back the fuzzy frenzy. "They're not, you know, the cop look or the dad look anymore.  They're fun."

From the Huffington Post to GQ Magazine, the consensus is there is a craze for the cookie duster.  But is the mouth brow really what women like? "I like them actually.  Why? Because they're fun, like distinct on your face," says one downtown gal selling Cuban food from a kiosk.

 "I think if they're coming back that would be like, I dunno, fabulous," says another young woman. "More than anything, they always make me giggle just a little." No comment.

Celebrities like Tom Selleck, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have been stalwarts of the 'stache.  But men's stylist Sarah Webb warns the flavor savor is not for every man. "Especially when you look like a ten year old boy, hitting puberty," she laughs.

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