Shark attacks Denver man near Cape Cod

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TRURO, Mass. -- A man from Denver who suffered lacerations to his legs while in the water at a Massachusetts beach Monday apparently was bitten by a shark, authorities said.

"It looked like a shark bite to me," Truro, Massachusetts, Fire Chief Brian Davis said of the incident at nearby Ballston Beach. "Witnesses said they saw (a) fin. They saw him go under water. He was hollering for help."

Chris Myers of Denver was body surfing with his teenage son about a quarter mile off shore. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries on the lower part of both legs, Davis said.

The man was conscious and able to speak to first-responders before being taken to a Cape Cod hospital.

Davis said Myers was less than 25 yards from shore when he was injured.

Witnesses say it was like something out of the movie Jaws.

His neighbor, Ashton Abeyta was shocked, saying, “It’s not every day you hear a guy from Colorado gets bit by a shark.”  He adds, I was hoping Chris was alright, first thing that came to my mind.”

Myers told reporters he felt “great and lucky” and that doctors tell him he will be able to walk.  Abeyta says Myers was “a real active guy, always out riding his bike, playing with his kids.”

Myers has eight puncture wounds, four in each leg. He has a severed tendon and he received almost 50 stitches.

If it was a shark, "I've never seen that, not that close to shore," Davis said. Experts from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries say his injuries are consistent with a shark attack. They did not say what kind of shark, although there was talk it could've been a great white shark.

The beach remained open, but Davis said National Seashore personnel would post a sign warning beachgoers to beware of sharks.

He also said there were seals in the area at the time of the incident, and the seals may have been a lure to a shark.

Greg Skomal, a marine biologist for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, told CNN recently that more great white sharks are being seen off the coast of Cape Cod each year.

"As we've allowed seal populations to rebound over the course of the last four decades, I believe that they've now hit threshold levels that are drawing these sharks close to shore," Skomal said.

Myers lives in the Highlands neighborhood according to a friend. He has two sons and he is divorced.

CNN contributed to this report. The video below was posted on YouTube by the Cape Cod Times and Eric Williams.

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